During the pandemic, having a creative outlet has been more important than ever for many of our members, staff and volunteers. At the end of this shocker of a year, we wanted to celebrate some of this work and share how it’s helped us.
Sayam Mukherjee

I realised the potential to art when I was driven to experiencing extreme emotions that I couldn’t express easily through words. It has become a life support and I am able to reflect more positivity when I create and can be a happier person for my family as well. I find art a deeply personal experience that helps me to let go of things I cannot control. I truly believe in its healing powers and I strongly feel that everyone should have access to it and try it at least once.

Hazel Crimmins

Once I learned to create things for the pleasure of it, that became my most effective coping strategy. Even in the darkest times I can still bring beauty into the world.

Hana Moonface

My creative practice is a form of meditation as it takes to me to a place of total expression and allows me to dig deep. I tend to take my time, enjoy the process, and stay open to anything new that appears.

Occasionally I’ll do quick, cathartic sketches to release overwhelming emotions that are otherwise quite hard to pin down. This can bring up subjects in my work that I was not intending to come through. They can often present new ways for me to deal with my worries, as well as inspire new art that I can give to the world!

Hana has a website here, and an Instagram here

Tara Robinson

I find making things gently empowering. However broken I feel, when I am creating I am strong and centred; I am bringing something into the world that did not exist before and would not exist without me.

Francis More O’Ferrall

Art has been a great way for me to maintain good mental health as it is very beneficial in developing ones inner self and identity. It is also a very innocuous activity which is good for your self esteem. I love my art and especially the feedback I get from others.

John Cocking

I went to a confidence building group and someone asked me “What does the Dalai Lama and Madonna have in common?” The answer is a love of art. That started me off – I went to Wilkinson’s and got some paints and canvases. It was 40 years since I’d done a drawing. Now I draw most days – animals, plants, cars, people, buildings – anything! 

Susan Mateos
Ron Preddy

Art has helped me explore more things that are kept quiet – I was told not to bring things out throughout my life and the art helps me bring it out.

I like abstract work and in lockdown it’s helped a hell of a lot, as long as I’ve got commissions from my befriender!

Alex Henden
Art and drawing is incredibly meditative and mindful for me, I always feel like time stops and it gives my mind a chance to empty.
I love drawing and will never stop
Leanna Howe

Crafting is something that eases my anxieties about everyday life. I find the repetitive movements of both crochet and embroidery relaxes my mind.


For more of Leanna’s work visit her Instagram here. Or here to purchase some of her crafts.

Jacqui B

Artwork and creativity has always been a very good way to channel and express what is going on for me emotionally.

David Marks

Art is the medium that grounds me to the present. The present is a moment before the future. A future is living beyond the past. The past is where my trauma now rests!

Spending time on a drawing or painting helps me focus on something outside of myself for a while. It’s a meditative process. I put on some music and get lost in the stokes or pencil marks.
Sometimes something pops into my head and I try it out on a page as a sketch or drawing. Not everything makes it to paint. I like to doodle a lot and that’s when I let the marks carry themselves into a pattern.
Katherine Black
Art is important to me. For many years I didn’t make time for it and my mental health suffered as a result. It is my own pressure release valve and I can express emotion when you don’t feel like talking. I’m glad I’ve found it again and some of the head space it has given me.