Our Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement:

Changes will be recognised as an accessible and effective mental health service. Changes aim to promote the recovery and mental wellbeing of those in mental distress in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Our Mission:


De-stigmatize mental health

EVERYBODY has mental health. Let’s talk about it. We understand that mental health is particularly stigmatised within some communities and we seek to provide safe spaces for people to talk without fear of judgement, discrimination or gas-lighting. By sharing our stories and experiences, we celebrate people’s journeys towards good mental health. Our vision is for all areas of society to understand and prioritise mental health in the same way we understand physical health.

Be community centred

People define us. As a grassroots-founded organisation, we value participation from our community. From members to volunteers, we facilitate connections through which shared wisdom and stories bring us closer together. We believe in the power of peer-led change, where we support each other to change.

Be Allies

We are committed to creating safe spaces for everyone to voice their lived experiences. We believe in breaking barriers and acknowledging some groups need their own space. Through accepting and celebrating our own identities, we aim towards ensuring everyone is comfortable to access our services.

Be focused on Restoration and Recovery

Hope through each other is our approach. With the prevalence in mental ill health, we are offering a hand to anyone struggling. We envision a ripple effect that transforms our lives and the lives around us, making improved mental health possible for all.

Be always learning

Change is vital for growth. We recognise that what we know is incomplete, and we strive to be flexible and adapt to the ever changing world. However, we stand strong in our values which are core to our identity.

Our Values:


Allyship and Inclusion

To us, this means being committed to using our platform and services to amplify and advocate for the voices of under-represented individuals and communities. This includes designating safe spaces to these groups where they have the opportunity to discuss shared experiences of marginalisation and stigma. We are dedicated to using our personal privilege to support colleagues from historically marginalised communities.


Wellbeing means prioritising our physical and mental health and acknowledging when our needs are not being met. We encourage open and honest dialogue about how our members, staff and volunteers are feeling and what they need to improve their wellbeing.


Recognising the value in other people’s skills and unique qualities and supporting individuals to utilise these alongside their personal experiences in a way that encourages growth, both of the individual and the organisation.


We strive to ensure every person feels welcomed and heard. Our goal is to prioritise authenticity, empathy and acceptance to foster genuine connections.


We believe in complete integrity in our actions, plans and finances by holding ourselves accountable and open in all internal and external communications.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating our differences and embracing the global community we are all part of is central to our cause. By challenging societal barriers through providing spaces for underrepresented and marginalised groups, we focus on the humans we are.


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