Men’s Group

Men’s Wellbeing Group

When is it? Every Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30pm
Where is it? Online via Zoom
Who is it for? Any one who identifies as Male.
How do I join? Click here and complete our membership form. We’ll send you an email every Friday evening with news, events and the Zoom links for the following weeks online groups. Please check your junk/spam for our weekly email if it’s not in your inbox.

I’m worried about my confidentiality: What’s said in the group stays in the group. Whilst it’s understandable to be nervous, the group is a safe space. We’re all in this together and nothing will be shared outside of the group. The only exception would be if we were concerned about yours or another person’s safety and wellbeing. 

I am a trans male, can I join this group? Of course! This group is for anyone who identifies as a man. If you feel that manhood is part of your identity, you are welcome to attend. 

Do I have to talk in the group? Not at all. Some people like to join the group to safely talk about how they’re feeling or whats going on in their life and others prefer to just be present and feel connected to others. You can click here for more info about what to expect in this group.

Do I have to talk about issues specific to men? No, you can talk about absolutely anything in the group! This could be issues relating to your identity as a man, or it could be anything that’s going on in your life or how you’re feeling.

I have experienced trauma. Am I able to talk about my experiences in the group? Yes, you can talk about anything that you’d like to get off your chest, even if it’s difficult, dark or traumatic. The group will listen and support you. We know that a lot of men have been taught to ‘get on with thing’s or not talk about their feelings and ‘man up’ but we want to erase that stigma and encourage more men to get talking.

Do I need to have my camera on? We ask all of our members to keep their camera on for the whole meeting so that our members can see who they are talking in order to make them feel safe and comfortable. There are times when a member may not feel comfortable showing their face in the group and we would ask you to email ahead of the meeting to explain why. If it is agreed that you can have your camera turned off, you should still always show your face at the start of the meeting and briefly after the break. Members and facilitators want to ensure that privacy is maintained and that includes yours.

Is there someone who can answer my questions first? Absolutely! We know that joining a new group can be daunting. You can click here for more information about how the group works. If that doesn’t answer your questions, please email

Promoting older men’s mental health and emotional wellbeing in groups

This film highlights the main findings from Dr Alex Vickery’s 18-month post-doctoral fellowship study funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research (December 2021- May 2023). The research study explored older men’s (65+) use of community support groups to cope with mental health struggles and support everyday emotional wellbeing.

This film also features our very own Men’s Group facilitator Alex Serjeant who talks about how older men generally approach mental health and how community support groups can have a significant impact on their over all confidence to discuss these issues.

How can I volunteer?

If you’d like to be a volunteer with Changes Bristol, there are various services you can support.

If you would like to help facilitate any of our Peer support groups, including any of our Safe Space groups, please email

You can also support us as a Telephone Befriender in our Befriending Service or volunteer for our Walk and Talk Service. You can email for more information.

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