Training & workshops

Training & Workshops

Our team are available to deliver bespoke training and workshops in a variety of formats and for a range of audiences.  Our most popular training is outlined briefly below, but we are always open to developing further bespoke programmes.

It was really insightful and led to some open and honest conversations about mental health in the office which was great



Fiasco Design

Our training builds on our expertise of running support groups with a wide range of people experiencing varying degrees of mental distress.  If you think your workplace could benefit from our training, please get in touch.

Mental Health Awareness Presentation/Workshop

  • 1 hour, delivered by 2 experienced members of Changes Bristol staff.
  • Interactive, professional & friendly, with participation designed to invite conversation without pressure.
  • Includes: the difference between mental health and mental illness; the impact of stigma; common myths associated with mental illness; spotting signs, supporting oneself and others; treatment options; a team member’s personal story of managing mental health issues; Changes Bristol and what our service does.
  • Delivered at multiple workplaces including Bristol Energy, Hitachi Rail, People Scout, Fiasco Design, Sift, Silva Care and more.

Peer Support Training

  • Designed for those wishing to set up and run their own peer support groups
  • Bespoke training designed for a large range of contexts
  • A total of 15 hours of engagement across 3 days
  • Interactive, professional & friendly, delivered by 2 members of Changes Bristol staff
  • Designed to promote discussion, openness & tackle stigma
  • This training was first delivered for Junior Doctors at Gloucester Hospital NHS Trust. Get in touch if you think your workplace or network could benefit.

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