New Peer Support Group in St. Pauls

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a NEW IN-PERSON weekly peer support group in St. Pauls starting from the 12th March. Group details:

When: Every Friday from 3pm – 5pm

Where: Unitarian Hall, Brunswick Square St Paul’s, Bristol BS2 8PE

Join us if you feel comfortable to do so (our virtual groups will continue, so don’t worry if you don’t feel ready to be in a room with others yet).

How will we keep it safe?

Masks: Please wear a mask or visor on arrival (bring your own if you can, but we will also have spares available). If you are exempt, please let the facilitator know.

Social distancing: we will be seated socially distant from one another (guidelines suggest 1m when masks are being worn, but we will aim for 2m) so the circle may be very large.

Hand sanitiser: we will provide hand sanitiser for use on entering and leaving the building.

No drinks: we won’t be able to provide tea, coffee, water etc. so please bring your own.

Ventilation: All of the venues we are using are very spacious, but we may also open windows for ventilation so please bring warm clothes.

Numbers: Government guidelines stipulate that we can hold a mutual aid meeting of up to 15 people. This will be our maximum number. The guidelines are as follows: “support groups that have to be delivered in person can continue with up to 15 participants where formally organised to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support.” If more than 15 people show up, the first to arrive will be admitted. If you are concerned about the very small chance of being turned away, please email to secure a place (we do not imagine having a large demand on first opening these groups).

Staff will be present as well as volunteers, to help keep everyone safe.

Signing in: as a COVID-secure venue, we will ask you to leave your contact details for Track and Trace (or use the QR code provided).

No symptoms: Please do not attend if you feel unwell, or if you have been asked to self-isolate for any reason.

No materials: we won’t be sharing out materials (such as the 12 Steps) and we will leave any other paperwork on chairs to avoid passing them from person-to-person.

Toilets & one-way systems: a clear system will be explained to ensure only one person uses the toilet at one time.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there’s anything you think we haven’t thought about, get in touch with Jess at