Find out what we got up to on our latest wellbeing day here! 

We enjoyed another sunny day at the Feedbristol site in May. Members got to practice some nature-based mindfulness and learn about the difference between emotions and feelings. They also enjoyed exploring the site, getting to catch-up with members from other groups and sharing a yummy lunch. Another highlight of the day involved making bird feeders out of apples and willow, and learning how to give back to nature. 

During a quiet moment reflecting, Changes member Steve, wrote this poem about the day:

“Sweet sorrow befalls me 
As though for the first time
I commune with Nature
Feeling the soft touch of fauna
The ripples of bark
Lost in a world of awe
This wondrous earth
So resplendent with beauty
Live life and grow”

Thanks again to Avon Wildlife Trust for hosting this great day. You can find some photos of the day here: