Photography Walk

Join us for a lovely walk around the tranquil Snuff Mills, bring along your phone or camera to take some snaps of the natural beauty around you. This is the winter edition to our free photography walks, celebrating the end of this season and arrival of spring.

We will be joined again by our wonderful photography volunteer, Shona; who will be able to give you some support, guidance and advice on capturing your images. We will be looking at light, contrast, reflections, colours and textures as we take photographs on our peaceful walk along the riverside. Book a place now to connect with others, learn some new photography skills guided by one of our creative volunteers and share ideas and thoughts with other members.

If you’re interested in joining, please email – to book your place.

Walk details

– Monday 21st February
– From 11am – 1pm
– Snuff Mills, meeting spot – Snuff Mills cafe
– Bring a smart phone or camera to take pictures
– Please bring sensible shoes as it can get muddy
Photography Walk Guidelines

Our walks will go ahead whatever the weather so dress appropriately!

Things to be mindful of when joining our walks:
Consider inclusive, non-discriminatory language when talking to staff and members
Be considerate when smoking around others
Give space to others and distance if they request it.
Please do not take photographs of participants or members of the public.
Refrain from attending walks under the influence of alcohol and other substances.
Please keep information shared within the group confidential.
Be patient with others.