Customised Pride Earrings

Our incredible supporter, Nicoletta has offered to raise some vital funds for Changes Bristol to celebrate Pride. She will be making rainbow beaded earrings which can be customised to include whichever colour scheme / flag you want or identify with. The charity supports over 500 new people per year and has a number of meetings set up for specific groups of people, including an LGBTQ+ meeting for anyone who identifies as part of that community.

Jess Borthwick, who oversees the Changes Bristol LGBTQ+ group, said: “People in the LGBTQ+ community suffer from higher than average experiences of marginalisation which includes discrimination, bullying and hate crime – which can lead to poor mental health”.

Changes Bristol have been running a LGBTQ+ peer support group since December 2020 for people who identify as part of that community in order to provide a space for open discussions with others who may have shared lived experience.

When looking at the reasons behind setting up this fundraiser, Nicoletta said; “as someone who has struggled with identity over the years, I hope these earrings help people express who they are and brighten up their day!”

Please find the sign up form HERE for your contact details and design. Donations can be made through the Just Giving page HERE – we ask for supporters to donate how they feel at a minimum of £5 per pair.