Come along to our next book swap at the Tobacco Factory! This is the 3rd time we are running this event and if it continues to be successful, we hope to run them more regularly. Entry is £5 or £3 for Changes members and volunteers. Bring along your token card from the last book swap and you will also get £3 entry.

How does it work? 

  • Bring up to 10 good condition books – they can be any genre for any age (we take kids books too!)
  • Exchange your books for a Changes book token card, where you will receive a stamp for each book you brought with you
  • Swap your tokens for books! We will cross off a stamp for each book you take away. If you have any left at the end of the swap, keep hold of your card and bring it next time for £3 entry 🙂
  • Only got 5 stamps and can’t decide between 6 books? Don’t panic, we sell any extra books at £1 each

Where do I sign up? 

  • You can either pay your entry fee by clicking here or you can just turn up on the day. Paying in advance does get you extra perks, such as a free tote bag, bookmark and extra book. Make sure to leave your full name on the donation form so that we can give you your freebies when you arrive!