The recent Black Lives Matter protests coupled by the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities has been impacting on the wellbeing of some of our members from these communities and no doubt many others.

While our support at Changes Bristol is open to everyone, we recognise that sometimes communities need specific resources and spaces. We therefore wanted to share the following materials and resources that may be useful and would like to thank CASS for sharing them with us:

Support for people of colour:

CASS Leaflet – Emotional Wellbeing for BAME People –

Nilaari’s phone support sessions – – 0117 962 5742

SARI – – 0800 171 2272

Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Service –

Spark & Co – BAME MH resources –


Further reading/understanding:

Statement from Babbasa –

Bristol Libraries online service, with a range of books on the BLM theme –

Black  African and Asian Therapists Network – resources including videos suitable for young children –

A Parent’s Guide to Black Lives Matter –