Steven’s Story

Steven shares his ten years experience with Changes Bristol and how Changes has helped him during the loss of his parents. 

My name is Steven Leslie Golding and I started going to Changes nearly ten years ago, following the sad loss of my dear mother in 2009. I really think that going to Changes has been a real life saver for me.

When Mum passed away I felt suicidal, and did not know if I could carry on. The same thing happened when my dear Dad passed away in 2013.

I have found going to the group has helped me feel less isolated and alone. It can be a very bleak and lonely time when people lose their parents. I was very lucky to have had such loving and wonderful parents I was well and truly blessed, but I miss them all the time. I have also met friends in the group, and I have also recommended others to join the group too. I now go to three of the changes groups, the Wellspring health centre, the Beehive over fifties, and the Horfield Baptist. I am also seriously considering going to the Greenway centre one as well.

It was also at changes that I first mentioned that I hear voices. I never told anyone that before because of I was afraid what people would say. I am very pleased that I did say about the voices, because I can now talk about it now. The night I did say about the voices I had nothing but sympathy, in the group and that helped me a lot. This helped me join the hearing voices group, which I also attend on a regular basis. All the support groups I go to have all helped me immensely, I am truly grateful to all of them. I know I am always going to need help with mental health services and I know that I will always have to take medication, but combining these together is truly a very good combination. So I really recommend these groups, it will make you feel a lot less alone. Many thanks to all of them.


Daffodils in early spring, a lovely
Sight that nature brings.
The nights are getting lighter by the day,
All this happens come what may.
Blowing in the cold March winds,
Is one of nature’s wonderful things.
My dear Mums favourites the Daffodils,
And mine too on the windowsills.
Dotted about in the borders and in pots,
Daffodils forever is something we have
A blaze of yellow on the sides of the
Roads, and in parklands by trees, with.
Frogs and toads.
As I wonder through the Daffodils in the
Latter part of spring, when the Daffodils
Go over it feels like a sin. BLESSED BE.

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