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Who attends our meetings?

Originally our meetings were designed for people who suffer depression, anxiety, stress, social anxiety, those in need of emotional support and carers of those suffering mental distress. However as time goes on the range of people with differing mental illnesses who come to our service increases.

As a charity we tend to avoid using these 'labels' as we do not see people in terms of their mental health label but as individuals who can define themselves in their recovery.

Basically if you are able to converse with other people, you can benefit from the support that can be obtained from Changes Bristol’s service.

Some people come every week to our meetings, some bi-weekly and some monthly. Others will come for a few weeks and feel that they have now benefitted from the support and move on. Some may use the service as a support network when times are tough or they wish to improve their mental health during a dip, others to maintain their current wellbeing. 

Our service is not an alternative to other treatments but rather dovetails with many of the other services provided by statutory bodies.

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