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Changes Bristol Promises Auction

9 November 2013

On 8th November Bristol Changes held our first Promises Auction at the glamorous Radisson Blu Hotel in Bristol city centre. A reception area with bar led into a large room, which was filled with round tables decorated with table cloths, crockery, balloons and auction catalogues. There was a Wheel of Fortune (with a prize for every turn!) and the auction items were displayed at one end. Richard, our founder, who brought Changes to Bristol, was playing mellifluous improvised jazz on keyboard. The room was full of people buzzing with cheerful anticipation. The bidding was led by exuberant auctioneer Haley Pearson, in whose company the evening could only be very upbeat. Entertainment included brave and accomplished members of Changes and friends: Steve with his witty, quirky poems; Thom & Tim playing cool guitar-and-vocals (songs included Superstitious, Waterfall, Ain’t No Sunshine); Sophie’s enjoyable stand-up routine and George playing the amazing didgeridoo.

With the amazing doubling of all payments by the Joffe Foundation, the evening had raised around £4000. Thanks to Kath for organising the event and to our sponsors: Mental Health Matters, Kirsty Saville, IMACT probation team, Vicky Thomas, Sally Thorne, Jill Pearce, Interactive Design, and 2 Anonymous donors ‘in the name of peace, love and understanding’.