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Changes Facebook Page

15 July 2013

Changes Bristol now has a secret Facebook page where members can obtain support from their peers in a safe environment.

The facebook page has essentially the same rules as our meetings and can be accessed ONLY if you are a regular member and have been to at least 3 meetings and have filled out a membership form.

Our "Secret Squirrel" and "Admin Owl", manage the facebook account to ensure that the page is non-judgemental and safe for people to participate.  They also post various articles that may be useful and there are resources such as newsletters and our modules that you can access.


To obtain details of how to join please email

Reasons to join the Facebook page could be:

  • Opportunities to keep in touch with people if you are unable to attend meetings
  • Late night company and support
  • Find out more about news and updates about Changes services
  • Links to mental health and other interesting articles
  • Motivational and thought provoking ideas
  • Copies of all the modules are available to download
  • Files to help you fill in benefit forms

Thank you to Secret Squirrel and Admin Owl for all their hard work!!