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Crafting with Changes

19 October 2016

Exciting news of the Changes Crafting Community's latest enterprise!

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Writing Our Newsletter

19 October 2016

We take a look at what goes in to producing our newsletter and how you can help

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Boiling Wellness Update 17th October

17 October 2016

Today we made a variety of marks from materials we found on site and made a leek and potato soup!

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Boiling Wellness Update 26th September

26 September 2016

Apple pressing and herb drying...

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Bristol Half Marathon Fundraising

23 September 2016

Tegan and Luke running the Briatol Half Marathon for Changes Bristol . . .

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New volunteers needed!

14 September 2016

Would you like to help us facilitate our support groups?

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Boiling Wellness Update 15th August

15 August 2016

Today at Boiling Wells was one of our very popular pizza-making days

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Join our Dragon Boat Crew and Raise money for our charity

8 August 2016

If you would like to be a part of the crew and would like to have fun while getting sponsorship as a part of the team please contact . . .

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Boiling Wellness Update 1st August

1 August 2016

Today we learned about trees and cooked kedgeree!

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Boiling Wellness Update 25th July

25 July 2016

Today was Elly's last day at Boiling Wells and we cooked up a Mexican feast and baked cake on the campfire!

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