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Staff employed at Changes Bristol 

We currently have 5 employees who run the charity.

Jason Washbourne
Project Manager
Responsible for development and line management of the charity who reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

Kat Hartley
Development and Events Executive  
Responsible for the development of fundraising events, raising awareness of the charity, and developing fundraising and marketing strategies. 

Aya Zebrowska
Service Manager
Responsible for the day to day running of the services we provide, and training and supporting volunteers.

Megan Baker
Deputy Service Manager
Assisting the Service Manager in delivering and running the services of the charity.

Hannah Dusting
Peer Support Coordinator
Community development, volunteer support and the running and development of peer support groups in Hartcliffe, Easton and Knowle.

We have 42 dedicated volunteers with lived experience who facilitate our support groups without whom the service and charity could not be run. 
The next Volunteer course will begin in early 2018

If you would like to contact the charity regarding any opportunities please email Aya the Service Manager at or call 0117 941 1123